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Gear talk: From old-school to the future.

As some of my fellow readers know and a guitar aficionado, I been playing for a time now and although I don’t play very well I appreciate when my setup screams as exactly as I want. That’s exactly what I found on a Randall Diavlo RD45H coupled with my Gibson Explorer a couple of years ago.

Sadly, I had to move from a house to an apartment that cannot handle that beast. So I looked up which are alternatives that would allow me to have a huge variety of sounds while using headphones and being cheap.

The gadgets
I narrowed my search to 2 gadgets: POD HD500X and the Eleven Rack. Being that said I looked up reviews, hear few clips on YouTube and looked up how active the scene of making new presets, the choice was easy once I took all of that. Also got a Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm for it.

The Axe

Strandberg Boden 6

The hardest part was to pick the right axe, moving away from an Explorer paired with an 81/85 EMG pickups is not easy, still, I have it but is hard to travel with. For this, the requirement was easier than with the interface: something portable and amazing.


Got a Strandberg Boden 6 with Suhr passive pickups that sounds better than how it looks, is super lightweight and it comes with the EndurNeck, which basically is kinda weird as it is not flat but round and the shape changes thru the neck. Also, headless guitars are gorgeous.

Now that I have everything setup I must say that I miss the tubes. The interface is great, does all I expected it to do but doesn’t sound as right as I wish but allows me to be more flexible on what to play which is also great!

About the guitar, I cannot describe how well it plays. The electronics are very quiet, no noise, no fret buzz, can be played on all the positions while being comfortable at the same time, it includes a gig bag which is very convenient as you can use it as a backpack, which I hope that is able to go in a plane cabin.

An immigrant voyage – Part I

A few months ago I had a job offer which involved a relocation to the United States for few years. So I took it right away. However, I didn’t know at the moment what I was getting into when it comes to complexities (and expenses) that come with it.


I had the fortune that a friend (and coworker) was able to provide me housing for the first couple of months to settle in while I looked for an apartment and a car.

It was Colombus day and I wanted to get my SSN paperwork done. The day I arrived I looked up my i-94 form, which I noticed was filled with an incorrect kind of visa in the system but correctly on my passport, this is a requirement to proceed with the request but anyway I showed up at social security administration office which was closed.

So I went to USCIS at Detroit, which I did and they told me there is nothing they could do that as it’s a Homeland Security matter, so my first guess was to return to the airport and try to get it fixed right away which I would think its a basic procedure as I saw a note in the waiting room about it and how to get it fixed by just sending an email with a copy of the stamp and my visa. Went to my future workplace to ask for a scanner and I did send the requested information, immediately I got an auto-response that said: “Responses can take up to 6 weeks so please do not call or send another email.”. I was starting my new position in 2 weeks.

Day 2 – Showed up at Social Security Administration office to try my luck but I couldn’t do the request due to the issue with the i-94.
It seemed that the only way to get the form fixed right away was to leave the country and come in again and so I did. Went to Windsor, ON (Canada) by crossing the tunnel from Detroit downtown. I was there for around an hour and came back to Detroit, explained the whole thing at the immigration office and they issued a new form and that’s pretty much how I got a was able to complete my paperwork without waiting 6 weeks. This time I asked for a physical one rather than depending on the online one. The best part of all, I was able to go back and finish my paperwork before the office closed.

Sadly I didn’t take a photo of anything for this post so I will just dropped a photo that I took at an airport.

Welcome to my new personal blog!

I’ve had this weblog since about seven years ago and I ran out of ideas of what to post for about almost the same time, so I think that making a “refresh” would fix this and maybe motivate me a little to write new things (I’m unsure about what). I been thinking about which topics I should write of, before I had some Linux, Android and OS X guides and some personal stuff, so probably I will try to explore new things to not run out of ideas as I did before.

I want to thank Dennis Tsang for providing me the hosting since some time ago, thanks!.