About me

My name is David Barreda and welcome to my blog!

I’m am a Unix Engineer that happens to be studied a bachelor on mechatronics engineering at the Universidad de Xalapa at Mexico.

Currently I work at Volkswagen Group of America as Unix Engineer. Before this I used to do the same at T-Systems Mexico.

My experience it’s mainly on Solaris and Linux, and a little of AIX. Currently I’m mainly focused on private cloud setups by using OpenStack, oVirt, OpenShift and Cloudforms, also on automation by using Ansible.

As you can read on my blog I do play guitar and videogames. Also I’m into the cars and servers, so you might see some of that at this blog too. You can see my game sessions at Twitch.

I used to maintain this blog before with another name and other posts, got rid of it as it was in Spanish and I wanted to practice my English.

This site is hosted by Dennis, so be sure to visit his blog too! 🙂

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